Additional Services

Cross-Trade Services
Do you have to organize transportation from origins to destinations where Switzerland is not physically affected such as transportation from Japan to China?

With our great network all over the world, we are pleased to also support you in organizing your cross-trade transportations.


Should your available storage capacity be fully utilized, we are able to accommodate all your storage needs, and arrange any distribution requirements you may have.


We provide you with packaging material of all descriptions, designed to suit the particular needs of each individual consignment.


Highly trained and skilled employees pack your goods according to your precise instructions.


Transport Insurance
We will be pleased to provide transport insurance cover for your goods, tailored to your exact specifications.


Track and Trace
From our homepage ( you are able to ascertain the real-time status of your shipment, sea or air, simply by input of either AWB  or B/L number.

The particular information you request is automatically uploaded and saved in our System under Track and Trace, enabling real-time status monitoring 24 hours-a-day.


EDI Platform

Through the client ‘s individual dedicated EDI Platform, all important information and documentation requirements can be rapidly transferred and shared.

The customer is able to obtain the requested notification in the shortest possible time, and is continually updated and made aware of any change in shipment status.