Air Transport

Nippon Express is an officially approved IATA operator allowing for direct negotiations with carriers and service provider, offer competitive prices, guaranteed space and dedicated services.
Our range of air services are handled and controlled by Nippon Express employees at all times.
In response to our customer’s needs, we offer the following services depending on the urgency of shipments:

  • Single shipments

    For single shipments (regular or ad-hoc) we offer you a variety of suitable alternatives, direct to and from Zürich and Geneva airport.

  • Consolidation Shipments

    We consolidate large volumes of business twice a week at our “Hub” in Frankfurt where your shipments are being processed and consolidated for destinations world-wide and are transported on our own agent-built pallets. This allows you to benefit from lower transportation costs.

    The Hub also deconsolidates your inbound shipments and processes it for onward transit to final destinations in Switzerland, where customs formalities are completed, and delivery to to your facilities.

  • Charter Service

    Through our years of experience and our excellent network, we are able to offer you appropriate solutions for charter services.
    From small planes / helicopters up to large full freighter as the 747 or the Antonov.

    With a charter, you are able to get anywhere within the desired timetable.

  • Temperature-controlled Service

    Do you have temperature sensitive products, pharmaceutical products, foods such as chocolate, cheese or wines? As a matter of fact, at Nippon Express Switzerland, we can count many companies in this business sector to our loyal customers.

    Due to our capability to handle goods in our own warehouse with our own staff (no handling agents) we can provide very customized solutions and are very innovative in finding and apply adequate cooling methods, for example adding special Thermo-Blankets to your packaging, adding dry ice or providing and inserting temperature control devices into your packages.

    Benefit from our experience at Nippon Express Switzerland in the transportation of goods which require a consistent temperature during the transportation “door-door” and constant control of the temperature.  

    We do what it takes to provide you with the service you require.

  • Jet Pack Service

    Jet Pack-Service is a small packet service combining the attributes of a conventional airfreight service with the benefits of a courier service. This service provides a “door-to-door” solution for your shipment to Japan.

    Maximum weight per shipment: 70 kgs (32 kgs for personal effects)

    Maximum Length per piece: 200 cm

    Payment terms: Prepaid and collect

    Maximum value per shipment: CHF 14’000.00

    Insurance limit: CHF 3’500.00

    Rate calculation basis: 1kg = 6000cm3

    The “all-in rate” , door-to-door, includes:

    Collection with a 20km radius of either Zurich or Geneva airport

    Export customs formalities, handling, terminal charges, documentation in Switzerland


    Import customs formalities, handling, terminal charges, documentation in Japan

    Delivery in Japan (on the 4 main islands)

  • 24/7 SERVICE

    The 24/7-Service is an Express Delivery/Collection within Switzerland.
    Due to our vehicle’s size, our own operation and handling capabilities (own warehouse) and our own staff and drivers (Nippon Express Switzerland staff), we are able to provide “Full-Year-Around” coverage for delivery and other special services, 365 day including weekends.

    Maximum load: 3490 kgs

    Maximum dimensions: 650/220/220 cm

    Payment terms: Prepaid

    Liability basis: according to OR / CMR

    Charge calculation basis per vehicle, distance, number of drivers: By agreement

    Please contact us in advance for special arrangements of this 24/7 service

  • Special Shipments and Dangerous Goods

    Nippon Express has the necessary certifications from IATA and the required trained staff to handle Dangerous Goods. Benefit from the expertise of our specialists, we gladly consult and support you in the transportation of any special shipment such as :  

    Dangerous/Hazardous items

    Exhibition Material

    Transport for museums, theatre, the opera or orchestras

    Oversized Cargo