In our own and fully secured warehouse in Bassersdorf, we are able to provide you full logistics services for all kind of commodities. Our logistics services include :  


  • Inbound logistics
  • Quality checking
  • Sorting
  • Storage
  • Packing and Re-packing
  • Inventory management
  • Cross-docking
  • Outbound logistics
  • Pick-up and Delivery services within Switzerland and neighboring countries

Part of the mentioned services are managed in an automated manner with our inhouse Warehouse Management System (WMS)
All our trucks are “boxed trucks” with hard tops which provide additional security to your cargo. Also, each vehicle is GPS controlled, providing additional security to the driver as well as to a save transport to/from your warehouse to/from our facility.
Handling and transportation of Fine Art and Precious Cargo is part of our service portfolio.   

  • Warehouse

    Surface of total approx. 1250 m2 (ZRH 1000m2 / GVA 250m2)

    Access control and registration for all person

    Handling of Precious Cargo

    Active alarm sensor system

    Shutter door and security bars

    Security cameras 24/7 surveillance

    Qualified warehouse employees

    Bonded warehouse space (ZRH 100m2 / GVA 50m2}

  • Pick-up and Delivery

    Pick-up and Delivery services are provided by partner company and partly by own Nippon Express truck and drivers

    All our vehicles are equipped with “hard tops”

    Hourly , secure transfers from our warehouse in Bassersdorf to Zürich Airport

    Own, qualified drivers (Nippon Express staff) with “real-time” communication and reachable at any time by mobile phone

    GPS controlled trucks with “Geo fencing” capability for precious cargo transports

    GPS web access can be provided to customers if requested