Marine Transport

Nippon Express offers you export and import shipping services for both, Full Containers (FCL) or “part –load, consolidated containers” (LCL). 

Our global partnership with a selected number of shipping lines enables us to offer you various services available to/from any destinations or origins, depending on your requirements. 

  • FCL


    What does FCL mean?

    FCL means full container load. This indicates that a shipper occupies an entire container. There are two types of FCL: One that is loaded by the shipper by its own means, and one that is picked up at client’s facilities, loaded in our Nippon Express warehouses and taken to the loading dock.

    In import case, the unloading of the container is delivered to the recipient by the shipping company at the unloading dock.

    Based on the options of sea routes, the service of full container (FCL) is the best combination of cost and transit time for goods in full load.

    Nippon FCL Services

    Our FCL services offer a flexible schedule of departures, with high frequency from / to all ports with availability of the equipment required in each case.

    Our staff will rapidly inform you of the available services for you to evaluate the date that best suits your needs.

  • LCL


    What does LCL mean?

    If your shipment  is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container, LCL(Less than Container Load) is a good solution as it allows to consolidate your goods with other shipper’s goods. The consolidated cargo is received by a consolidator which is responsible for receiving the goods in their facilities (CFS), and proceeds to load it in a container with other goods.

    In import case, the container is discharged and delivered to the receiver in the store of de-stuffing on arrival (CFS). For this reason, the service consolidated (LCL) is also called CFS Cargo.

    Nippon LCL Services

    Our own consolidation products (LCL) offer the highest levels of flexibility in departures, combined with shorter transit times than average in market.

    Because of our experience in stuffing consolidated cargo , as well as our regular services point to point around the world, our consolidation products (LCL) provide our customers a reliable service at a lower cost in the transport chain.