Social contribution

To have Nippon Express Earning respect in Society as a Corporate Citizen

We believe that just as individual people have character, companies also have “corporate character”.
We plan to polish our corporate character instead of pursuing only business operations, which are equivalent to the “body” of a company.

In order to gain recognition and be admired as a good corporate citizen by doing so, we will continue to exert proactive efforts to contribute to the society.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (CSR)

    These reports on corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities conducted by Nippon Express describe, among other things, our corporate structure for promoting CSR activities, special activities and data on actual achievements.

    The reports include :

    • Disaster Support Activities

      After Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the Niigata Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake, Nippon Express urgently transported relief supplies from across the country to the effected areas. In addition, we have supported by delivery of emergency relief goods to areas in Africa affected by Ebola Hemorrhagic fever and the Nepal Earthquake with intermodal transport systems. We will continue to  cooperate in international assistance for affected areas and offer humanitarian support through logistics.  Nippon Express is registered as authorized supplier for the UN, also in Geneva.

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    • Afforestation Activities

      As activities to prevent global warming and preserve biodiversity, Nippon Express has set up three places in Japan, where employees and their families are engaged in activities to grow forests.

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    • Sports

      Nippon Express is actively engaged and supports sports clubs and sporting activities, namely in Baseball, Fencing, Judy, Sumo and Golf.

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    • Cultural Activities

      Nippon Express is supports and sponsors events which bring the Japanese culture close to the local population worldwide.  As activity in Switzerland, we sponsor Japanese organizations in Switzerland as well as the Japanese scool with logistics activities.

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  • Environment Friendlyness

    For tomorrow’s global environment . Nippon Express continues to striving for “earth-friendly logistics”.  

    The impact of logistics on the environment to “convey things” is greater than expected. Nippon Express has an obligation to be the first to take measures against environmental issues as a global company. We also aim to bequeath a beautiful Earth for the future.

    With the revised Nippon Express Group Environmental Charter, which applies to all group companies, we undertake initiatives through group businesses to promote environmental responsibility.

    Specific efforts witness the efforts of Nippon Express in “Environment Friendliness” , for example

    • Modal shift

      An activity equating to a shift to transport means with lover environmental burden. With this in mind, Nippon Express will continue to efforts to reduce CO2 emissions by shifting bulk transports to railways.

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    • Active introduction of environment-friendly vehicles

      Nippon Express is actively introducing environment friendly vehicules, such as hybrid vehicles, compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicules, electric vehicules and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicules. Nippon Express is striving to reducing CO2 emission and lower pollution.

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    • Reduce Waste and promote Recycling

      Reducing unnecessary waste of material and resources is part of Nippon Express’s “Environment Friendliness” policy.  Continuous efforts are made, especially also at Nippon Express Switzerland and throughout the global organizations, to separate and recycle waste.

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